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Our new book on professional learning!

IMG_2976Polyvocal Professional Learning through Self-Study Research
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Anastasia P. Samaras (Eds.)
George Mason University, USA

Sense Publishers, 2015

Polyvocal Professional Learning through Self-Study Research illustrates the power of “we” for innovative and authentic professional learning. The 33 contributors to this book include experienced and emerging self-study researchers, writing in collaboration, across multiple professions, academic disciplines, contexts, and continents. These authors have noted and reviewed each other’s chapters and adapted their contributions to generate a polyvocal conversation that significantly advances scholarship on professional learning through self-study research. Building on, and extending, the existing body of work on self-study research, the book offers an extensive and in-depth scholarly exploration of the how, why, and impact of professional learning through context-specific, practitioner-led inquiry. The chapters illustrate polyvocal professional learning as both phenomenon and method, with the original research that is presented in every chapter adding to the forms of methodological inventiveness that have been developed and documented within the self-study research community.

Please visit the book’s product page, which offers a free preview containing the first two chapters of the book: http://tinyurl.com/okaqlaq.