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Raise your hand if you went into teaching for the money

Why do people choose to teach? The truth is, none of us really went into teaching because of the big bucks. So why? I agree with Daniel Pink that teachers should be paid more but merit pay doesn’t work because we are motivated by things that merit pay doesn’t accomplish.

“Rewards are very effective for some things — simple things, mechanical things,” he explains. “But for complicated jobs that require judgment and creativity, the evidence shows that it just doesn’t work very well.” Teaching, of course, is one of those jobs.”

“Pink said research shows that people who hold jobs that require creativity and sophisticated problem-solving perform best when they have autonomy, an opportunity to master something and a sense of purpose…

“It’s not that money doesn’t matter,” Pink said. “It’s that the best use of money is to get people to stop thinking about money.”…

Superintendent Starr, Montgomery County said, “If politicians want to improve academic performance, they should “reduce teenage pregnancy, give excellent prenatal health care and provide universal preschool — and test scores will go up.”

See Washington Post, February 16, 2012,  Lyndsey Layton