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Tupperware Teachers

Business has much to teach teachers and I hope vice versa. Searching for the magic bullet to give “people a reason to come to work” one district has joined the 300 school systems and charter schools to “undergo” Disney training in the past two years. Business can help schools become more focused and efficient, particularly as budgets are shrinking” – Agreed.  Nonetheless, the scene described in the article “A page out of Disney’s book” where “three dozen recently hired teachers and bus drivers were introduced to their new employer’s vision statement in evangelical call-and-response fashion” reminds me of my aunt’s district manager Tupperware parties. I love Tupperware and I love what I do as a teacher.

“Give me a “T” ! ~ for Tupperware, no actually for Teacher. How sad. Let’s take back our profession and pay back the favor to business companies by helping teach them how to teach and reach their clients. We can learn from and with each other while still remembering our own reasons for why we chose our profession and why we come to work.