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“I learned it in the classroom.“

“I learned it in the classroom”:  Call for a Residency for Teachers

Something that any teacher will tell you, is what he or she learned most about teaching, was learned in the classroom. And so why do we limit teachers’ student teaching or internships to less than a semester of actual classroom experience? Money mostly ~ and because we don’t invest enough in our teachers.

If we are willing to invest in students’ learning, then we need to invest in teachers’ learning situated in their practice.

Bravo for D.C. in being bold enough to try that in a charter school that is a spinoff of the nonprofit Center for Inspired Teaching. I know the program well from my earlier work in Washington, D.C.  I was glad to read in today’s Washington Post front section that Aleta Margolis, Director of the Center for Inspired Teaching, “wants to nurture teachers” in this demonstration school; “an education equivalent to a teaching hospital, with first-year residents leading classes alongside seasoned “master teachers.” After a year, the residents will leave to teach at regular or charter schools”.

I’ll be following this reform effort.